Sunday, April 1, 2007

It likes to fake us out

OK, so one of the highlights of each evening is seeing what color the Empire State Building is going to be. Yes, we could look at the Web site that lists the schedule, but it's more fun to be surprised.

Tonight, we went into the city with our daughter, to accompany her back to her dorm. We ate dinner at Whole Foods Market, and outside the window is a beautiful view of the building. And tonight, it was yellow, green and blue. But a few minutes later, it had turned to yellow, white and yellow!

It does that a lot. It will start out blue, let's say, and then slowly fade to white. Or it will look green and then fade to white.

Now that we're back at home tonight, we can't even see it--there's too much low fog hanging over the city (it's raining lightly).

Perhaps tonight's change was all in good fun, for April Fool's Day: "Look, I'm green, yellow and blue! April Fool's!"

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