Saturday, April 14, 2007

But it was such a beautiful day ... a storm's coming?

Today was the nicest day we have had in a LONG time ... mid-50s, sunny, cloudless skies and no wind (a rarity lately).

But supposedly, tonight a major storm is blowing in, bringing buckets of rain and winds 50 mph.

What? But it was so pretty today! Easy come, easy go, it seems.

Meanwhile, Mary did a bit of shopping at Macy's today and realized that the tourists mainly cling to the first floor and The Cellar (the basement). Yes, we're still tourists--we don't mean to say that we've got all the tourism out of our bones yet. We have lots more to see, just like everyone else who comes to New York City!

But at Macy's, from the second floor on up, it's mostly serious shoppers and seriously great service-- in fact, New York City offers mostly wonderful service. It's something very different from what we're accustomed to in California, where service in stores and restaurants is rather lacking, we're sorry to say.

Anyway ... think of us Sunday as we're holed up in our apartment enjoying a wide-angle view of the Manhattan skyline during a storm ...

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