Thursday, April 19, 2007

Better day than this guy had...

And I thought I was having a tough time during my job search. Man, did Gonzales (in NY Times photos at left) have a tough day today or what?

Things are looking up for me, and not just by comparison to the former Attorney General - oops, getting ahead of myself there - I guess he's still employed at the moment. I have a second interview tomorrow and another place I interviewed at is on the cusp of making a decision (the editor said I'm "still very much in the running." I also have a writing test on Monday at AP and a first interview scheduled at a non-profit on Tuesday.

So...things are beginning to move. I expect I'll have a new job before Gonzales does.


Vince said...

Unemployment haiku:

Ride Bike
Swing golf clubs
Torn resumes pass
on spring wind

Jeff Ballinger said...

What's your e-mail address?
I seem to have the old aol address.