Friday, March 2, 2007

Yes, we are bananas

We are indeed alive, but we haven't posted anything in a couple days since we just got hooked up to the internets - one of them, anyway - late last night. Although some might believe death and lack of an internet connection are one and the same, they are indeed different states of being (or non-being, in the case of the former).

We enjoyed a great view the first night. At right is what we awoke to our first morning.

We are busy in our last hours of having the truck running over to Ikea and other stores to pick up stuff we need sooner than they can ship - bed frame, bookshelves, TV, you know, the essentials. Our few trips in the truck are confirming our suspicions that we don't want anything to do with driving in this area. No car, no mess. We'll walk, take the bus, subway and cabs, and still spend less than we did on car payments, insurance, gasoline, etc.

Today we could barely make out the Manhattan skyline when we got up, which was shrouded in rain clouds. I just looked out the window and it's completely obliterated now in fog or something, thick moisture at any rate.
Gotta go. It's back to Ikea.

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