Friday, March 16, 2007

Wild weather and sassy sirens

Before we get into the title of this blog, just want to acknowledge the terrible shooting that took place Wed. night in Greenwich Village. Rachel did not know the NYU student who was working as an auxiliary police officer. We are sure that he and the other auxiliary police officer were just trying to do their jobs, and now their families, along with the first shooting victim, are grieving the loss of their loved ones.

Here's a link to a follow-up story in today's New York Times:

This location is a few blocks south of where Rachel lives in the dorm this year.

It's one of those terrible incidents that, unfortunately, could happen anywhere. Revenge is a cruel and twisted mindset.
We do not understand the weather here, and perhaps no one does. On Wed., it was so balmy we didn't need sweater (it was in the high 60s well past nightfall). Yesterday it cooled down, but it was still pleasant.

Overnight, the temperature dropped and this morning, it's snowing! The high should be around 32 degrees, and it will stay that way through the weekend. Bizarre ...

If you thought you knew what a siren sounded like, you haven't heard the sirens in Union City, NJ. There must be 10 different kinds! Granted, it's not great that we hear sirens often--although this morning, it's been rather calm and quiet--but there are so many different ones, it's almost like a siren symphony sometimes: for instance, short, jagged bursts followed by long wails, and then a high-pitched scream (the siren, that is) that continues for what seems like an eternity before dropping down into the more traditional siren sound.

Maybe we've been spending too much time indoors.

But the good news about that is, the apartment is very close to actually looking like a home now. The moving boxes are gone (there are a few in Rachel's close that we need to go through, but that's it), the TV is set up and mounted on the wall, the sofa is in place, the bookshelves are lined with our belongings, and the bed is (generally) made.

Jeff and Mary's job search begins in earnest next week. Wish us luck!

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