Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tips for getting a haircut in a new neighborhood

Mary captured this image of Saturday's sunrise behind the Manhattan skyline. Before I forget, read about my cycling adventure in Central Park this morning at his On the Rivet blog. Feel free to add a comment or share your own cycling - or non-cycling - tale.

Getting back to the topic of today's blog, I will start at the beginning:
#1 - When you walk into a barber shop where the barber doesn't understand English - or where you can't understand him, walk out. Quickly.

I think the title should just be the singular "tip" because that's pretty much where it began and ended for me the other day, when I watched myself get the worst haircuts of my life. And there was nothing I could do about it after failing to get up and walk out. I couldn't even tell what the guy's first language was. Tagalog, Portuguese? Who knows? It doesn't matter, it wasn't English.

He couldn't understand me and he thought he understood me, apparently telling him I wanted to get scalped. Fortunately, my hair grows back fast. You will not actually get to see this disaster, because Mary has agreed no photographs. Let's just say I had longer stubble on my face from one day not shaving than I had on the back and sides of my head. The top was fine, but it look like a reverse of male-pattern baldness. It should be close to back to normal by next week, when I may have to show up for a second interview or two. My first mistake was continuing down the block after seeing my regular barber was closed for the day. That was my learning experience for the week. At least there's no permanent scars.


Carolyn Thomas said...

Great Pictures! What a wonderful view. Sorry to hear about Jeff's haricut.

Sounds like things are going well for you. Keep us posted on the job search.

Only 9 days until we leave for Long Beach!

Hope these comment gets posted this time. :>)

Mark Glenesk said...

We want haircut pictures