Saturday, March 24, 2007

Still finding our way, but getting closer

It's been about 3-1/2 weeks since we moved here, and a lot has happened in that period of time. We basically started a home from scratch, save for some clothing and personal items we brought with us. We have had to get the "lay of the land" in terms of transportation and shopping, and learn to live without a car.

We also had to recall what it's like to rent, not own, a home. That's been a major adjustment, especially since our new place is only about 625 square feet, as opposed to the 1,450 square feet we had in SLO. Living in a high-rise building as opposed to our little house has been a big change.

Then we had to venture forth into the NYC job market this past week, beginning the process of sending out letters and resumes and hoping for a nibble or two. Luckily, we each got one: Mary had an interview Friday at The Skin Cancer Foundation, for a staff writer job. Seemed to go well, but who knows? We'll see if they make an offer. Jeff has an interview this coming Tuesday in the Public Relations Dept. of Columbia University (doing Web stuff).

And we have had to adjust to a completely--and we do mean completely--different environment. Different types of people. Different weather. Different air. Different vistas. Different sounds, smells, colors.

To be honest, it's been challenging. Perhaps surprisingly, we seem to be doing OK, all things considered. Our tempers were a bit shorter than usual the first couple of weeks, but we're both feeling more settled, so we're acting more like our normal selves now.

Would we advise this type of huge change for everyone? It depends. If you really want to shake up your life, then do it--with some planning. While we didn't have jobs before we got here--not for lack of trying--we did plan everything else as well as we could.

Our next big hurdle really is finding work and then getting accustomed to commuting with millions of other people into NYC every day. After that, we're not exactly sure what the next hurdle will be ... probably something related to housing, like deciding if we want to keep renting after our lease expires, or if we want to try and buy something. All in good time, though.

As for now, the job hunt is still on, with gusto. We're still finding our way, but it feels like we're getting closer ... not sure to what, exactly, but to something, anyway!

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