Sunday, March 25, 2007

Shoe crisis

OK, maybe "crisis" is too strong a word. OK, definitely, "crisis" is too strong a word.

But when your feet hurt, it sure can feel like a crisis.

Mary learned that lesson on Friday when she wore a nice pair of shoes to her interview. Good looking, brown suede pumps--not too high a heel, either.

By the time she got to the interview, she had a bleeding blister on her right heel. By the time the interview was over, both feet had swelled and blisters were forming everywhere. She hobbled to Rachel's dorm and borrowed a pair of Rachel's shoes (actually, a pair that used to be hers but Rachel inherited) so they could go out to dinner.

Now, she doesn't laugh at those women she sees wearing their workout shoes with their business suits while walking the streets of NYC. Because guess what? That's exactly what she plans to do once she gets a job. She'll just carry her nice shoes in a tote bag, then change right before she gets to the office. Once the 5 o'clock bell sounds, it's off with the work shoes, on with the workout shoes and into the streets.

How ridiculous she'll look! ... you may say to yourself. Well, when your feet are your main form of transportation that get you to the other forms of transportation--bus, subway, ferry--a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

We'll post pictures when Mary actually has a job to go to ... forgot that little detail.

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