Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Resumes, application letters, emails, oh my!

If we were still using actual paper to apply for jobs, we'd be buried in it by now in a pulpy snowstorm (much like the one we had last week that is, fortunately, melting into miniature streams all over Jersey and NYC).

We have been very busy the past few days revamping resumes, performing job searches, and sending out email responses to job ads.

Mary also ordered a book from Amazon that will, with any luck, assist in this high-tech job search process (especially Mary, who hasn't actually looked for a real job in about 13 years!).

In the meantime, Mary is also searching for freelance work and is still teaching a couple of classes online for DeVry University. But a full-time job is the goal so she can meet people and feel a bit more settled here on the East Coast.

Speaking of feeling settled, we are getting there, although both of us have had some twinges of missing SLO and our friends and family. We made some plans for this Thursday evening because, after all, there's no farmer's market for us to visit :-(.

The plan for tomorrow: more of the same, except we may take a timeout and head to the city for a visit with Rachel and a trip to a museum, Central Park, or ... gosh, the list could go on forever with a city like New York!

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