Monday, March 19, 2007

Rachel's going to Africa!

For quite some time now, Rachel has wanted to take a trip to Africa to volunteer. Her idea began to crystallize about a month ago: she had originally wanted to do an NYU Study Abroad in Ghana, but the classes offered don't fit her new major (philosophy) or probable minor (public policy or French).

Once she realized that doing a semester of classes in Ghana wouldn't work for her, she began researching volunteer programs in Ghana. She found one here: She signed up for the 3-week program beginning June 23, 2007.

But there's more to this story: Nicholas Kristof, noted columnist for the New York Times, is holding a "Win a Trip to Africa" contest ( The winners--one college student and one K-12 teacher--will travel to Africa with Nicholas Kristof and contribute to the New York Times via a blog and/or a video blog.

Rachel is entering the contest and will find out just in the "Nick" of time whether she wins or not, on April 21. She has to pay the balance of the Cross Cultural Solutions program fee by April 23, and she didn't want to do so without knowing if she won the contest.

Family and friends, expect some fund-raising letters appearing soon in your email boxes. If she wins the contest, any money you have donated for her trip will be returned to you, of course.

So think good thoughts about the Kristof contest, but also consider what you may want to contribute to her volunteer trip to Ghana, Africa. We both feel it will probably be a life-changing experience that may impact what she chooses to do with the rest of her college career and beyond.

Thanks, everyone, for being so supportive of our little family. We're all on an incredible journey right now, whether it's to Africa or just from New Jersey to NYC by bus!

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