Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mary's day of training at her new job

Mary had a nice time at her new job today at The Skin Cancer Foundation--a few hours of training with one of the employees who is leaving the Publications Dept. (her name is Beth).

Mary got a great first impression of everyone there. It's a very collegial environment, with people going out to lunch together every day and, while working hard, having fun.

The office is on Madison Avenue (see photo), a couple of blocks from Macy's (dangerous shopping zone!) and about a block from the Empire State Building. She won't go hungry, either. There seem to be hundreds of places to eat within a short walk--although with a child at NYU, Mary will be brown-bagging it most days!

They're giving her the next two days "off" so she can start officially on Monday, which was nice. All in all, it feels like a good start.

No word yet from Columbia or the Daily News for Jeff, although the woman at Columbia is out of the office until Monday, and the Daily News just emailed Jeff about a brief "test" he has to take (writing headlines and such). So he's still in the game for both of those jobs.

Fun, exciting times in the Big Apple!

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