Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jeff's cycling adventures, part III

For my third trip up River Road toward Nyack - someday, I will make it all the way - there were some new obstacles: ice and snow. Beside the road, and sometimes in the right lane, were snow drifts of one to two feet high. There were also some patches of ice to avoid.

The good news is I got in a couple hours on the road, on a day in which I didn't anticipate even being able to ride. It snowed about 5 inches' worth on Friday, so I wasn't sure if the roads would be clear enough to get out. They mostly were. Below is the best stretch of road I found.

Still, it was cold. 29 degrees on, "feels like 19." It did, too. I was fine except for my unexposed face - next time I'll wear the whole balaclava - and my feet. I just need something warmer over my shoes.
After dodging ice, snow and potholes for an hour, I decided to turn around.

My feet were going numb and the ice patches were melting - normally a good thing, but my tires were kicking up salt-laced water into my bike (John Lehman would understand). I did not see a single cyclist until after I turned around, and then I only saw 3 on the trip back. The last two weekends I must have seen a hundred-plus cyclists each time. That either attests to my lack of sanity for riding on such a day or ... that's pretty much the only option, isn't it?

So, I survived a slippery day and got in a real ride. I can't really complain, eh? Back to the trainer for the rest of the week, during which I'll continue my search for ride routes ... and, oh, a job.

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