Saturday, March 31, 2007

Good morning, New York

That was the view that greeted us this morning (photo was shot from our bedroom window, hence the slight overhang in the upper left corner). Amazing how still everything looked. The city that never sleeps actually looked like it was slumbering.
Jeff is taking off early today and heading over to Central Park for a bike ride. He'll report back later today (probably with some photos).
Meanwhile, Rachel is staying here for about half the weekend to try and get a French project completed. It's a bit quieter here than in her dorm room, so occasionally she comes over to focus on homework. She had a great day yesterday: she attended a free concert by a singer she really likes, at Borders Books: Mika, who Rachel claims "is gonna be big!" We'll post some audio/video when she wakes up, hopefully before noon. :-)
She's hoping to get over to the Today show on Monday morning before class, where Beyonce will be performing. Massive crowds will accompany her, no doubt!
Stay tuned today for some more photos and multimedia of Mika ...


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Jeff and Mary said...

Thanks for posting the site! If I can wrangle the video file from our daughter, I'll put up a clip of him performing.