Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ever had your hair cut by a student?

Mary decided to be brave and go to the Aveda Institute to have her hair cut yesterday: brave because the weather was a bit wild and woolly (the sleet felt like little pinpricks), and also because the Aveda Institute ( is where students get hands-on training. Hands on the customers, that is.

It was fascinating! Mary explained what she wanted, and the student (Amanda) brought her teacher over for a consultation. If anyone saw "The Devil Wears Prada," imagine the way Emily Blunt's character talked, and you can hear the teacher's voice: British accent, a bit impatient sounding, knows everything about everything. The only difference between Emily B. and this woman was that the teacher had a bit more "hip" hairstyle and wielded scissors like a magician.

Snip, flip, snip, cut-cut-cut. Never seen anyone cut hair as fast as that teacher, with the precision of a surgeon. She'd intervene occasionally when the student asked for help. And the two of them spoke a completely different language: perimeter, concave, baseline ... who know haircutting was so complicated?

The cost for the 'do: $20 plus a tip. Mary then spent some of the "leftover" money on Aveda products, because (in her opinion) they really are the best.

On another note, Rachel is considering taking a trip to Africa this summer to volunteer. She's hoping to make a decision today on which program she'd like to participate in--a 3-week one, or a 6-week one. Stay tuned ...

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