Thursday, March 8, 2007

Eat yer spinach

After assembling seven or so pieces of Ikea furniture the past few days, I know how Popeye got those huge forearms. I feel like I could crush walnuts with my bare hands ... if only I could get my hands out of the shape of a screwdriver handle. Which is why tonight's post will be so short. Makes it hard to type.

Another cold day that stayed below freezing. It was clear and sunny, however, but we stayed in anyway since we had so much work to do. Mary finished painting the living room and bathroom today - major job. We got busy before 9 this morning and just finished a little after 11 p.m. I put together a double wardrobe and a table for the bedroom, and had to make an emergency run to Staples for a surge protector that would fit behind the wardrobe. Haven't yet got the hang of the local bus system. Waited for two buses that never did come - even 10 minutes late - wound up walking home a mile from the store. Got my aerobic exercise in, so it worked out.

The thought of looking for work crossed my mind today. Didn't get much further, though, as something else came up. We'll have more to report tomorrow. Rachel - who earned an A- on her philosophy mid-term!!! - and her friend Kelly are coming by for the weekend tomorrow night after seeing a Broadway show.

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