Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The city life

Yesterday, Mary and Rachel headed into NYC for the afternoon while Jeff slaved away at home, trying to connect the TV, DVD player, cable box AND get the whole shebang mounted on the wall. No small feat, considering we have concrete walls and, of course, not all the correct cables were provided. Plus, he had to buy some drill bits that work on concrete. Yikes!

So Jeff must find the closest Radio Shack today--by bus or foot, of course. Fortunately, the weather is better (about 62 degrees this morning), so a walk might be nice.

The city is really amazing. Even though we have spent a lot of time here in the past, it never ceases to be a gloriously interesting place. Rachel said yesterday that it now feels like home to her, and she's quite comfortable taking the subways and walking everywhere she needs to go.

Mary, the people watcher, loves the diversity she finds in the population here. The way people dress (from uptown to hip-hop to homeless), the way people talk (languages and accents galore!), and the way people move (women walking in dangerously high heels or young men struggling to keep their low-low-rise pants up are particularly amusing): it's all a fascinating show, every single day.

Will start doing some photography soon, so stay tuned for visuals!

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