Thursday, March 29, 2007

Buses, the Bronx, and boffo shoes

Buses ... Bus drivers don't get no respect (where's Rodney Dangerfield?). While most passengers do thank the driver as they exit the bus, somehow, a "thank you" or "have a nice evening" just doesn't seem like enough. Bus drivers around here go into battle every day, while the passengers read, talk on the phone, or sleep. Meanwhile, the driver is battling crazy drivers, cop cars and ambulances, terrible traffic, and narrow streets that seem way too small to accommodate a bus. Everyone, inhale as we squeeze past these parked cars!

But all we can say is "thank you" as we step down the stairs and out the door. It is heartfelt, truly.

The Bronx ... Today, we went up to the Bronx to look at the Riverdale and Spuyten Duyvil (pronounced Spite-n Dive-l) areas. They were pretty nice, and a lot of the high-rise buildings had views of the Hudson River, looking south toward the city. Couldn't seem to find a grocery store anywhere, but we might have been walking in the wrong place--it was mostly residential. It was an easy commute into the city via the Metro North train. So the Bronx on our list of possibilities of other places to live.

Boffo shoes ... We both bought a pair of MBT shoes: There's a shoe store right around the corner from Mary's new office that sells such brands as Mephisto, Ecco and the like--plus some fairly fancy ones, like Beauti-feel and Oh! (women's brands: and MBT shoes are like no others. You really have to try on a pair to see how they work. Basically, your foot "rides" on the shoes, and you sort of feel like you're walking on sand with a nice buffer between you and the pavement. The shoes also have the effect of straightening your posture and working your legs, so you get some exercise even without trying to. Mary wore hers all day today, and while it took awhile to get used to them, so far, so good. Jeff is wearing his around the apartment for awhile first, but he seems to like them, too. Highly recommended!

Tomorrow, we're going to do something tourist-y (not sure what yet). This weekend, we'll try to relax but will watch UCLA play Florida in the semifinals. Go Bruins!

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