Sunday, March 11, 2007

Big-butted bicyclist

I didn't see a one on my ride yesterday morning up River Road, save for the one in my saddle. They were all skinny guys, pretty much all of them going faster than me. I did ride a while with Paolo Bettini's father - that's my version of who he was - a little Italian man probably 10 or more years my senior and a good 50 lbs. lighter. I felt like Jerome Bettis among a bunch of jockeys.

It's amazing how one's perspectives change with geography. Saturday was a warm day - all of 33 when I rode out of Troy Towers - compared to the teens and 20s we'd had the previous few days. I never did warm up, as I was anticipating the air temperature to climb dramatically as it does in SLO County. It got maybe 5 degrees warmer and I didn't even think of taking off any articles of clothing along the way. I was cold for nearly an hour after I got off the bike. At least the traffic was lighter this time, since I got on the road before 8 a.m. I'm betting that next week's ride on Sunday morning will have even less cars to contend with.

Rachel's old iMac that I've been using since she went off to college broke down today, so we got a new MacBook Pro, which we had hoped to put off for a while yet. Oh well, life goes on. At least we got to go to Apple's cool 5th Avenue store, after visiting a cool piano store. A nice German salesman showed us a large stock of used and new Steinways, Yamahas and some German models I can't remember the names of. He gave us some good ideas of digital versus real pianos, advice we can use when we are ready to buy a piano.

This afternoon, Mary and I went on a tour of four 1-br apartments for sale in this building. There were some good ideas but none of them are as good a location as this. It reaffirms our idea that if we buy here we'd like to buy this unit and upgrade it, all of which is valuable to know.

I intend to start officially looking for work tomorrow. After less than 2 weeks, I figure we've done a good job getting this far and it's time to start getting serious about making, instead of spending, money.

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