Monday, March 5, 2007

Being John ... Lithgow

For us, it's not John Malkovich whose celebrity permeates our lives. It's John Lithgow.

Tonight, he sat down on the subway right next to us. We were somewhere in the vicinity of Union Square, and he just stepped right on, sat down and read his book (couldn't catch the title).

Everyone--including us--just let him be. He looked very content. He was nicely dressed, wearing a black beret, wool coat and a red scarf, and he actually looked younger than 61 (we looked him up on

The irony is, Jeff and Mary have seen him before--on the other coast. Here are Mary's sightings: first, he came to her Shakespeare class at UCLA (probably in 1980) and performed some scenes from The Merchant of Venice. Then, when Mary was working at the Brentwood location of Haagen Dazs during the summer between her freshmen and sophomore years--also 1980--he was a regular patron. He was always very personable and nice, and at that time, he was just becoming more well known because he had made an impression in the film The World According to Garp. Just looked it up, and he received an Oscar nomination for that role, as well as for Terms of Endearment.

Jeff saw him in 1985 at the Avco theater in Westwood. And now, we both saw him yet again!

After we got off the subway (he stayed on), we remarked that it would have been funny if Mary had said, "I know you don't know me, but we have actually seen each other several times!"

A note on the weather: It was really strange today. It's been cold, but one minute it was sunny, and then suddenly it snowed. Then it was sunny again, and then it snowed again--but only for a few minutes (not enough to stick). Supposedly it's going to be bitterly cold tomorrow with snow coming on Wed. Should be fun! ;-)

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Trisha Oksner said...

Glad you guys made it all the way cross country relatively unscathed! Been enjoying the blog updates. Keep 'em coming!