Sunday, March 4, 2007

Apartment living ... NOW we remember

It's been awhile since we lived in an apartment--it's been 9 years, to be exact, since we moved out of Mary's condo.

We thought, since this is a 90-percent owner-occupied co-op building with strict rules about noise, that we could avoid the partying problems we encountered back in SLO.

We were wrong.

Our downstairs neighbors decided to have a party this morning at 3 a.m. At least, that's when they woke us up. We called the concierge and asked him to please tell them to keep it down. We could hear that he did (one of the partygoers was arguing with him), but to no avail. So we tried again, and he tried again. To no avail.

So on Monday, we'll test the formal complaint process and file one with the manager's office. Because guess what? The owners of the apartment are board members! Not sure if they were there last night or what, but either way, they'll hear about it. Just like we did. :-(

Jeff is going to buy the TV today, and Mary is going to continue prepping to paint. Decided on a lovely warm white for the living room and most of the bedroom (probably going to do one wall or one part of a wall in the bedroom in a lovely blue). Bathroom will be a rosy violet. After painting, we have a couple more tasks to complete to make this apartment shine--like finish putting our Ikea furniture together, buy a sofa (maybe today, from a store called Room & Board), and pick up a few lamps so we can actually see what we're accomplishing around here!

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