Saturday, March 10, 2007

Almost feeling like home ...

We've been in the apartment for about 10 days now, and it's starting to take shape--feeling a bit more like "home" every day. Now, the only boxes we need to deal with are stacked in the bedroom instead of everywhere! We may take a second trip to The Container Store to buy some nicer-looking storage boxes for things like family photos and keepsakes, since they have to be in public view.

It has been somewhat difficult making the transition to a smaller living space, especially one that has so little storage (the kitchen ... ay-yay-yay!). Over time, we will probably dispose of more of our "stuff," and that's OK. Isn't living simpler supposed to be better? At least that's what we're telling ourselves.

Jeff is planning to start looking for work soon, maybe this coming week. Mary is still holding off for a while longer (although she's teaching online right now for a few measly bucks).

Update on Rachel: She has had her good friend since kindergarten, Kelly, here all week. Kelly now lives in L.A. and is pursuing a career in dance, and she decided to come out to NYC to see Rachel and to take some dance classes. They went to see "STOMP" last night and had a great time. And Rachel continues to do well in school. She got an "A" on a French midterm, so combined with her good grades in her Ethics class, she's becoming convinced that she should major in Philosophy and minor in French.

One more thing: The Realtor who has the exclusive listings in our building is having an open house tomorrow afternoon from 2 to 5 pm. We decided to go take a look--not because we're ready to buy (no jobs! just got here!), but because we want to compare them to this one, which the owner wants to sell. Will post a comment about that tomorrow.

It's warming up here: it is 36 degrees this morning, which is a VAST improvement over 15!

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