Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We made it

After more than 3,000 miles, this is the best the state can do for us? You probably can't make it out, but the tiny sign - about 4x4 feet - says "Welcome to New Jersey." It was followed by about 20 miles of spine-crunching, pot-hole pocked highway that jostled our belongings - in every sense of the term - and may have damaged Mary's laptop computer. It's still working super slowly.

The Twilight Zone episode the night before continued a bit this morning at the continental breakfast. The hotel had the biggest spread of food of any of the places we've stayed thus far...all for just us. We were just finishing before we saw another soul who was not a hotel employee.

The day's driving was fairly uneventful but included some of the nicest scenery of the trip, with several inches of snow covering the fields of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and finally New Jersey. Click on the photo above to see some video of the Shenandoah Valley.

We relearned the importance of listening to the GPS lady, or Jane, as we call her. We were completely turned around as we entered the heavily industrial area around Secaucus, but we kept turning and turning and seemingly circling until we wound up right in front of the hotel. GPS lady don't lie.

The nice touch about the hotel room is we can see our new apartment building from the hotel window. We convinced our new manager to let us move in tomorrow morning at 11, a full day ahead of schedule!!! So, we'll be quite busy tomorrow moving boxes, opening boxes, moving them again, etc.
Should have some more interesting photos to go with tomorrow's post.

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Carolyn Thomas said...

Had trouble posting this today. Wouldn't accept my comments.

This is a test: We had lots of rain today. Snow level down to 1,000'.

Glad you arrived safely. Please don't forget those of us in "sunny" California!

Talk later. :>)