Sunday, February 25, 2007

Toad Suck Park and Bucksnort

First, an addendum to yesterday's post: Turns out the winds cutting across Texas were actually clocked between 70 and 75 mph. No wonder yesterday's drive was such a slog.

Today was much better. Perfect weather, very little wind, and mostly good roads. We left Oklahoma and found our way through Arkansas and into Tennessee. About the most annoying road condition we found were skunks.

The first part of the drive
into Arkansas, it was as if the skunk leader told his followers to commit mass suicide via Highway 40. There must have been 20 or 30 carcasses within just a few short miles. P.U. This photo happens to not have any skunk carcasses in it, fortunately for you. It was one of the few times we didn't have any within our view. Click on it to see a brief clip of scenic Tennessee.

We have decided that Tennessee has the worst drivers we have encountered so far. They are terribly impatient, they speed (even through construction zones), and they make unsafe lane changes every other minute. They'll pass on the right if they're in a hurry--even if that means driving on the shoulder to do so! And they don't know how to merge; in fact, we're wondering if Tennessee is one of those states where the merger, not the mergee, has the right of way.

So where does today's blog title come from? Toad Suck Park was, indeed, a park we passed in Arkansas. And Bucksnort is a town in Tennessee just west of where we are parked for the night (Kingston Springs--just a few miles shy of Nashville). Who thinks up these names??


Carolyn Thomas said...

Wrote another comment but it disappeared. Skunks in the road are one of the joys of traveling our beautiful country!

The towns you mentioned remind us of driving the Ozarks with names Snowball, Yellville, or Dogpatch. Most have populations under 300, many under 100 - can't imagine living in a town so small.

Did you driving through the Smoky Mountains?

We love you guys - be safe. Give love pats to Chelsea, Emma, and Sophia from Max. He's in my lap helping me write this. :>)

Jeff and Mary said...

That reminds me ... we saw an area called Aux Arc (pronounced just like Ozark) -- and then a moment later, we saw a sign for the Ozarks. So apparently, it was originally a French name.