Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So let's take a look around ...

When you sell or give away almost all of your belongings, especially your furniture, life gets interesting real quick. We still have a few days left in the house, but we have no refrigerator, no washer/dryer, and our seating arrangements are ... well, let's just say they're spartan.

Jeff is using the desktop computer on a built-in counter top--standing room only. Mary is using the top of the kitties' house as a desk, and her chair is, technically, patio furniture.

We still have our bed and two sidetables, which we are moving with us. But taking so little furniture has its advantages. First, we plan to do some major shopping at Ikea (need we say more? Ahhhh! Ikeaaaaa!). And second, we'll have the chance to start over with a new style, if you will. We're looking forward to it--especially Mary, who enjoys decorating.

So while we look around this house and see very little of ourselves, at this point, we still see our memories: Rachel's dance clothes and pointe shoes lining her closet (and floor!); Jeff's stack of New York Times magazines filling our bookcase; Mary's photos decorating many of the walls. And of course, we can see the faces, and hear the voices, of our dear friends and family, everywhere we look.

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