Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sallisaw, OK (But what did Salli see?)

bleak [bleek] adj. The section of Texas through which Highway 40 passes.

Ever see the movie "Badlands"? Then you've seen this part of Texas. Nothing to write home (or a blog entry) about.

We caught a few snow flurries leaving Tucumcari, NM and into Texas (click photo above to see the slog through the snow), but it all cleared up rather quickly. Our biggest obstacle as we made our way through the Texas panhandle and mostly across Oklahoma: WIND. We're talking knock-you-down-to-the-ground-force wind. Driving Highway 40 isn't too bad, really, except when you can't relax for a second because you're constantly fighting 50-60 mph wind gusts.

And jack-knifing trucks! That's right: Mary was driving when all of a sudden, a semi that was passing us started to jack-knife. Mary had to swerve onto the shoulder to avoid being struck, and then the truck driver managed to stabilize it.

But then, he almost did the same thing to two cars further up the road! At least we know it wasn't personal. And we were unscathed, which is the important thing.

We saw some odd sights and tried to document them from the truck as it whisked past them. One was a huge cross, advertised as the largest in the western hemisphere (isn't everything in Texas?).

More interesting were the large power-generating windmills a few miles later.

We're spending the night just a few miles from the Arkansas border, and we're well past the halfway point of our drive.

Kitties are still doing amazingly well. Emma's very quiet the whole time we're driving; Chelsea and Sophia tend to be a bit noisy for the first 2 or 3 hours, and then they settle down and go into "the zone," as we're calling it.

Oh, and the GPS lady has a name: Jane. Jane keeps us on the straight and narrow. Tomorrow, she'll escort us into Arkansas and beyond ...

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