Thursday, February 22, 2007

On the road again ... almost!

We managed to drive away from the house yesterday at about 5 pm. The new owner actually showed up with his two kids at about 4:45 but made a quick exit so we could finish up. But his kids were so cute. They both said, "THANK YOU FOR THE HOUSE!" as they ran back to their car.

After stopping at the dance studio to pick up one of Rachel's costumes which Mary forgot, and going to CVS to buy a small cooler since our other one was leaking, we finally hit the road ... and made it all the way to Pismo Beach for dinner at Gino's pizza joint.

Then it was a rather roundabout route to Bakersfield, where we landed at a Vagabond Inn for the night. We aren't sure why, but we ended up without a map of California, and the map we had indicated a freeway connection that simply didn't exist.

We learned a couple of valuable lessons. First, make sure you have the appropriate map in the car. Second, follow the Triptik you get from AAA. And third, listen to the GPS lady. We couldn't figure out why "she" (the automated computer voice) was telling us to turn off the highway--until we realized she was, in fact, correct--we had taken the wrong road.

We also learned that it's pretty darn funny to make the GPS lady mad. We had originally thought we were going to stay in another motel, so we asked her for directions. But Mary spotted a billboard that said Vagabond offered free wireless (hence this blog entry). When the GPS lady figured out that we had taken what she thought was a wrong turn, she got VERY insistent: "Turn around now." "Make a U-turn as soon as possible." "Go back NOW." Fuuunnny!

As soon as Mary gets her act together this morning (and stops writing this blog), we're on the road again, aiming for the Grand Canyon. Oh, and the kitties are all doing fine. A little whining in the car, but they settled down and enjoyed sleeping on their own bed in the motel room: what a treat!


Carolyn Thomas said...

Read your BLOG. Another piece of advice: Always know what county and city you are in. Severe storm warnings are given this way. It's helpful to pinpoint your location with a highlighter on a map.

Love hearing from you so please keep us posted!Talk to you more later. If you travel to south Texas, enjoy the Chiricahua National Monument. The rock formations are amazing.

Jeff and Mary said...

We'll try and remember that national monument. Strange name ... must be Native American?