Friday, February 9, 2007

Jeff's last day at The Tribune

After nearly 11 years, Jeff has reached a milestone: he is saying good bye to The Tribune today.

Jeff's career there has spanned quite a few "beats," including writing about the North County and, most notably, education--which he covered for most of his tenure there. The past year and a half or so, Jeff acted as the Web editor and brought the paper's Web site into 21st century--well, almost. He did his best with what tools he was given and increased the site's traffic exponentially:

For all the ups and downs, The Tribune has been pretty good to Jeff. After all, he met his wife there :-) . The California AIDS Ride in 1997 stands out as one of Jeff's great achievements at the paper. Not only did he complete the 7-day ride, but every day he wrote two stories for The Tribune, chronicling the journeys of those doing the ride as well as his own. He won numerous awards over the years, both within the paper and from news organizations and other groups.

But those are not Jeff's greatest achievements. His life is governed by a sincere desire to work hard and treat everyone he meets with kindness and respect. He always provides a good example to others and has been a mentor and friend to many people at the paper and in our community.

The next chapter of Jeff's professional life has yet to be written, but there is no doubt that he will bring integrity, enthusiasm and joy to whatever he chooses to do.

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