Friday, February 2, 2007

Jeff is loose in NYC!

It's still wait-and-see time. Jeff feels confident that we'll get the high-rise apartment with the incredible view (Troy Towers). Apparently, the agent, who has lived in the building for 19 years, wrote a cover letter with the application and vouched for us. Her word might carry some weight with the co-op board.

Jeff also left a message for another agent he had worked with, telling her we were still interested in an apartment she showed him (and that we applied for), but that it was our second choice. So we may, at least, have a back-up in case the Troy Towers apartment doesn't come through.

So while these decisions are being made, Jeff is having fun! He went to the movies last night and is going to a track meet at Madison Square Garden this evening. And of course, he's going to take Rachel shopping. :-) Not only that, he's considering going to the opera tomorrow afternoon.

Watch out, New York: Jeff's in town!

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