Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hello from Williams. AZ

We managed to cover a fair amount of road today ... made it all the way to Williams, AZ. The cats did very well, although we learned yet another valuable lesson: they do not need to be taken outside at all while we're on the road. We put Chelsea and Sophia on their leashes, and all Chelsea wanted to do was go places she shouldn't, and Sophia crawled along the ground on her belly, she was so scared (see photo at right). We didn't bother trying with Emma.

Potty/food/drink in the morning, potty/food/drink in the evening, 'nuf said. Here's what the cab looks like with the three cat carriers (Emma is on the bottom, for obvious reasons like gravity).

We got our kicks on Route 66, too ... just for about 30 minutes, as we stopped there for lunch (hopped off Highway 40 at the exit). The photo below was somewhere just before the stop. That has got to be the most bizarre truck stop we have ever visited. It included aquariums that, perhaps in 1985, had live fish in them (but they still had the water from that date!). A couple of the aquariums actually did have fish--but they looked like something from the dinosaur age. Mary dared not look too closely while she was eating.

The fountains next to the parking lot looked like they hadn't worked since about 1950, and who knows what primordial ooze was growing in them. We didn't dawdle there!

Mary's photo at left is somewhere near Kingman, Arizona, where my barber Dennis (former, now, I guess), owns a rental home and hopes to retire some day. I can see the attraction. Too high for the hottest temperatures but not so high to have tons of snow.

We had planned to take a side trip to the Grand Canyon on our way out of town tomorrow morning, but the weather is not cooperating. Supposed to be a big Arctic storm (mostly wind, little snow) coming through Flagstaff at about 9:30 a.m., so we're hoping to blow past it before it kicks up its heels.


Carolyn Thomas said...

I'm sure you are taking lots of pictures. How about a picture of the truck? I remember moving to California with the 4 of us and our dog. That was about it except for a few items that arrived later in a moving van.

Supposed to be severe storms this weeend. If you get a chance, take some storm pictures for those of us who seldom see thunder storms.

Love you both. :>)

Jeff and Mary said...

Luckily, we haven't seen any storms. I think we are behind the big storm system, so we're chasing it, instead of the other way around!