Friday, February 23, 2007

Hail, hail Arizona

Woke up this morning to a mild, but chilly, hail storm. Fortunately, the hail "stones" were about the size of grains of rice. They were more annoying than anything else.

At left is what it looked like a few minutes into the day's journey. Looks fine, right? Well, take a look below.

Here is the same highway below, roughly 10 minutes later.

All of that dissipated a half-hour later once we got through Flagstaff, and it was clear sailing the rest of the day. Below is just some of the scenery we saw later in the day at 75 mph (that is the speed limit on the Arizona freeways).

Listen to what the cats had to say about all this at

Yes, that is a velociraptor on the north side of Interstate 40. It was very still, so it may have been hunting.

We are spending the night in Tucumcari, NM, which is not far from the Texas border.

New Mexico is known for Albuquerque, Roswell, and ... a whole lotta nothin'. Yes, there are a few nice vistas along Highway 40 through New Mexico, but other than that ... not much to see. Except wind, this time of year. LOTS of wind. And trucks. Could count the number of actual cars we saw on one hand.

What we did see: the most kitschy of kitsch in a souvenir store at a place called Clines Corners--and we also saw a gen-u-ine cowboy there, complete with serious spurs on his boots. Let's just say we're hoping for more interesting terrain tomorrow as we venture into Bush country (should Mary hide her ACLU card?) and on into Oklahoma (Mary's brother-in-law's home state).

Hold onto your 10-gallons: the liberals are coming.


Carolyn Thomas said...

Hope you can enjoy some of the beautiful scenery along the way. Maybe you will see why we like the RV lifestyle so much. Parts of Texas are quite pretty. Be sure to stop at their Visitor Center. Many roadside rests are very nice, as are most stops everywhere except in California.

Don't think you will be able to check out Mulhall, OK. Couldn't begin to tell you where the farm is - just out there somewhere on a dirt & gravel road.

Right now we have a beautiful view of the lights of Monterey, and all of the way to Lover's Point in Pacific Grove. Take care and love your blogs.

Jeff and Mary said...

We haven't been stopping much--have to make tracks to meet our deadline. But some of the rest stops are really nice. There was one in Arizona that was absolutely gorgeous. In general, all of the rest stops we have seen put California's to shame!