Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gas on, gas off

Thank goodness the weather has warmed up--first, because it's beautiful outside, and second, because we won't have any gas at our house until sometime on Monday.

Key Termite was delayed in getting the tent off of our house, so they told us we couldn't come home until 3 pm today. What they neglected to mention was that The Gas Co. was going to show up anytime between noon and 5 pm, and someone had to be here to let them in.

So we got home around 3:15 to find a note on the door saying The Gas Co. had been there at 2:30 and, since no one was home, we needed to call and reschedule the turn-on.

Needless to say, we are more than a little peeved at Key Termite for not being clearer with us.

Sometime between 7 am and 8 pm Monday, a Gas Co. employee will come turn the gas back on. Like that timeframe? Wonder how Mary's writing clients, and a daily newspaper, would like that type of "window" for work to be completed!

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Carolyn Thomas said...

Am putting a comment so you know I read your BLOG.

Don't think anyone ever said moving would be easy! Watching you makes me realize how much work we have to do around our house. Maybe we should just leave it all for Debbie to figure out someday!

Debbie likes things labeled with the "history" attached. Will keep your things separate in special storage boxes in case you or Rachel decide you might want some things back.

The clock looks great! Plan to restore the look if I can and try to get it working. It's electric but maybe we can try a battery.

Can you call the gas company and ask for your "window"? Don't they have to give you a better timeframe?

TTYL :>)