Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Does it ever end?

And the tasks just keep on coming! Sometimes Jeff and Mary wonder if we'll ever actually get on the road. Seems like the "to do" list keeps on growing, and growing, and growing ...

We learned the other day that we need to sell our car. We had thought Jeff's dad was going to buy it, but he went another direction--so we have 2 weeks to sell our little silver toaster (Scion XB).

If you know anyone who's looking for a fun, reliable car, let us know!

What else is on the "to do" list? Finish packing, get the house tented for termites, sell almost all of our remaining furniture (we're only moving a couple of small pieces), confirm the rental truck reservation, make sure our heads are still screwed on ...

Still waiting for final approval on the apartment rental. We should know something by tomorrow or Thursday. Until then, Mary's still biting her nails. What nails she has left, anyway.

Sometimes you have to look back to see where you've come from, in order to have courage to look ahead. That's what we keep telling ourselves, at least! Some days it works. But it helps to remember Mark Twain's comments about courage being "resistance to fear, mastery of fear--not absence of fear."

Today's a day to resist.

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