Friday, February 16, 2007

The best laid plans

Jeff and Mary hit the road yesterday ... but only to Atascadero, to stay with friends Mike and Peggy Zappas while the house is being tented for termites. On the way, Mike called Jeff and said that 11--yes, 11--college kids were descending on their home this weekend! Probably not the best time for us to stay with them.

But amazingly, Mike had already made other arrangements for us. We were going to be staying with another couple that Jeff met through the K-Man bike club: Len and Katrin Colamarino, who, coincidentally, live just around the corner from Mike and Peggy.

Len and Katrin appear in the photo at right flanking Mary, during a peace March in October in downtown San Luis Obispo.

What Mike didn't happen to mention was that we had our 3 cats in the car. No matter: Len and Katrin have been extremely accommodating, and fortunately, the cats have been quite content to keep to themselves in one of the guest rooms.

Here is a photo of Mike from the same peace march, with Mary's sign above his head.
A huge thanks to both couples for being so kind to us.

We return to the house Saturday to get ready for the buyer's final walk-through Sunday morning. We're still scheduled to close escrow on Wednesday, so the real countdown has begun until Jeff and Mary blast off on their excellent adventure across the U.S. of A.

Look for some fun posts coming up, complete with more photos, audio, and perhaps even some video!

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