Monday, February 12, 2007

Bed, back and beyond

As Mary and I savored one of our last nights in the Jacuzzi tonight, my back was definitely feeling it. Although we've managed to reduce our belongings to less than 400 cubic feet (the truck we've rented is just 381, so we'll be squeezing it in somehow), it's still a heck of a lot of stuff. With 30 years of books each - two English degrees between us, mind you - we've got a few volumes, mostly paperback, thank God. We had quite a bit more, before liquidating many boxes full at a yard sale a while back. We just have clothes to take with us, along with our bed and bed frame, a small bedside table, and the perfect end table my Uncle Jimmy made many years ago. Oh, and our bicycles, of course.
We're looking forward to the trips to Ikea in New Jersey and Room & Board in Soho. Seems like a good excuse to get some new stuff, eh?
Our only disagreement may be in the size of the LCD tv. I'm leaning toward the 32", while Mary thinks thte 26-incher is OK. What would you go for, if it were up to you? Help us solve the faux-dilemma. If that's all we've got to argue about, we're doing OK.

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