Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nail-biting time!

Jeff has been doing a terrific job in the apartment search. Today, he found us the place we had hoped for, in a building in Union City, NJ, called Troy Towers. We had read about this building and how people had lived there for decades, they enjoyed it so much. Here's the Web site:

So we're applying for a 1 BR of about 675 square feet with a terrace and a view of the Manhattan skyline--all for $1,700/month, including all utilities! It also has a fitness center and swimming pool, it's close to transportation, and it's a short commute to NYC (about 20 min.). Unbelievable, for that price.

Here comes the nail-biting part: The co-op board won't let us know about approval until next week. Let's just say that if they don't approve us, we'll have a bit of a problem, since Jeff will already be back in SLO by then.

However, the agent--who has lived in the building for 19 years--says she's quite confident they will approve us.

And guess what else? It's a possible rent-to-buy situation, because the owner of this unit (which is on the 18th floor) wants to sell it. Prices there are quite reasonable. There's a 1 BR for sale right now, with a terrace, for $279,900.

Think good thoughts ...

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