Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The kitties ...

In case anyone asks, we have only 2 cats. We can't find a rental within 50 miles of NYC that allows more than 2 cats. Somehow, we're going to have to hide one of them while we move in--probably Emma, since she's so rotund she can barely move and utters nary a squeak.

What's it going to be like, driving across the country with 3 cats in the car--one of whom gets car sick (that would be Chelsea)? We have no idea. We're hoping the vet (we have an appointment tomorrow for all three to get updated shots) can give our eldest something to calm her tummy. We'll keep you posted on that major development. :-)

In the meantime, we have to buy new carriers, collars, leashes (just in case), and plan on some practice time in the car before we set off eastward.

The things we do for our furry friends ...

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