Friday, January 26, 2007

If I had a hammer ...

Trudging our way through these little repairs, we have some (nice) guys from Key Termite here today making a few fixes around the exterior of the house. Mary was hoping to make some phone calls this morning for a freelance writing project, but with all the hammering, drilling and sanding going on, she had to abandon that plan and write on the blog, instead.

(Wonder what that "thud" was outside? Better just to stay inside and avoid looking.)

We're not looking forward to having the house tented Feb. 15-17, mostly because we have to move back in for a few days afterwards. So if you call us after Feb. 17 and neither one of us answers, send the police to make sure we're still alive!

In the meantime ... Jeff is busy preparing for his trip to NYC to find us a place to live. He has a few appointments set up w/real estate agents. It would be great if he could get all of that done early in the week, so he could enjoy a few days of play. He definitely plans to see Rachel and take her out for sushi (at least once, maybe twice if she can cajole him!).

Whatever they're doing outside sounds like the drill at the dentist's office. Hey, where's the novocaine?

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