Sunday, January 28, 2007

How many dollars does it take to move 40 boxes?

According to Allied, it takes about $4,000 to move 40 small boxes across the country! North American was a LITTLE better, at $2,800.

Jeff and Mary thought these figures were ridiculous, especially since the move included just one tiny piece of furniture. Literally!

Phooey on that nonsense. Budget Rentals, here we come: for a 10x6 truck with enough room in the cab for the cats (and us). The price is much better, at $1,300 plus gas. But we would have had to pay for gas anyway, since we were planning to drive our car.

It will be "Bye Bye, Scion XB" here in SLO, and "Hello, Budget rental truck" when we hit the road Feb. 22.

We will definitely miss our little toaster-like car. Rachel reminded us of what it was like when we first bought it. We were one of the first families in SLO to have one, and man oh man, did we get the looks! Everywhere we went, people stared and pointed at the car. People stopped us in parking lots to ask us what kind of car it was, and who made it. Fun times.

But we don't want to have a car anymore. In addition to using public transportation, we may subscribe to a service called Zipcar. Check it out: But no more paying for gas or car insurance! No more worrying about dings and dents!

We plan to enjoy the drive across the country, because it will probaby be awhile before we drive anywhere again. Maybe if we think really hard, we can imagine we're driving a convertible sportscar instead of a clunky trunk containing all of our worldly goods ....

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